“To infinity, and beyond”
Lightyear, Buzz

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the final step before the most exciting meeting you had in well, hopefully forever

office hours
Available from 9am to midnight everyday

midnight? that's when my night is starting

We get it, big shot. If you are a Lush member, we have a 24h service available to suit your needs.

We do need a few details to complete your booking

we need your name

time/date of the meeting

we need your phone number

special wishes

any special requests for the date, as well as the companion you wish to spend time with

we need your email adress

We won't send you overplayed boring memes, promise

we need a picture id

or a recent picture(only first-time clients). We need to ensure you are not a serial killer
Who is going to be the charming person answering me?
His name is Sebastien Lacroix. Super friendly, to make the process as easy and smooth as possible

For the shy ones, you can also complete this form for a booking request.

Expect a reply within 24hrs. We encourage phone booking for a faster reply

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